Hire this Speaker Extraordinar you will be inspired ~ Free ck it out! (anywhere on Earth)


Craigslist post:

Meet Limo Bob ~ Normally $10,000 to speak at your event or host your show or party, you only give a 20% tip of $2,000 for limo bob to come and amaze all at your private party, or your corporate event whatever the occasion is,

You need to have LIMO BOB at your Event, he is a speaker to standing room only. People wanted pics with LB under their sign / logo, and memories forever.

Limo Bob Enterprises
We offer the finest in worldwide concierge services……
Land, Sea, and Air ~ Your wish is simply our command.

We cant build them any longer,,,,, or anymore exotic, So our next project we will be breaking our own world record for building a 105 foot Phantom RR style limo. But when you detach the 3rd section it is 100% street Legal @ 55 feet Articulated Phantom Rolls Royce Style Limo (Our Record is 100 foot long caddy Limo.) And with this Limo our dream for it will be to travel the entire USA speaking to all the Juvenile Justices, stopping at all the Children’s Hospitals, and orphanages from coast to coast, to give them rides and see the Joy on their faces.

We also begin a new Bullying Campaign to speak to the kids at schools to end Bullying.

Stand Up ~ Never give Up ~ Make um pay Up! (See Limo Bob’s Story)

Much Love to all, LB ~ PS, My True Life Story, Book coming out 2017

From Rags to Tuxedo’s starring “LIMO BOB” Inspiring Motivational Speaker!
LIMO BOB, reality TV star and Guinness Book of World Records holder for building the world’s largest limousine will amaze, captivate and inspire you and your guests. Host an unforgettable event by hiring LIMO BOB to share his 45 + year journey from rags to riches. . LIMO BOB will travel worldwide to motivate you and your guests.

LB for hire:

Your host at your next party, event, corporate business coach ~ hear his 1 hour long amazing life story of success, not once not twice but 3 times. (formally mike Tyson’s bodyguard) and 2 time Guinness book of world record holder and TV Reality star of his own show called “Limo Bob”

Inquire now.

Thanks lb


People would pay to not have Limo Bob show up to their party. This is like paying for a celebrity to make an appearance only Limo Bob isn’t a real celebrity. This is a terrible way to promote your limousine business.