There is no forum. Forums are pointless. The internet is pointless. There is no great debate or discussion that will emerge from a forum. The internet is a waste of time and should be boycotted because it has no benefits on society. It has potential for chaos. Hopefully there are ways to be able to hack websites that do not cooperate with future internet protocols.

Your comments are irrelevant. Please do not comment on this blog. Let the spammers spam. We want better search engine optimization. Other websites allow comments but they ban spam. We allow spam. The spam on this website is much more valuable than your comments. Spammers post the link to our website on other forums. We only want views. This website does not make the world a better place and neither does any other website. Log off the net. That’s what we really want.

A forum is defined as a medium where ideas and views on a particular issue can be exchanged. If you read any online forum you will see that the opposite is true. Forums are only good for spam. Our forum is littered with drug spam. An online forum is an oxymoron because the internet is the shallowest platform to express ideas or opinions. People on the internet are too selfish to listen to others.

Website owners go out of their way to get their visitors to like them. They want to give their users a sense of community. Whatever it takes to keep them coming back. You are being manipulated by every website, including us. You are not part of any community. People are not looking out for each other on the internet.