I help startups build, launch, and grow amazing iOS apps


Craigslist post:


I’m Ryan, an independent iOS developer and product manager with personal experience as a startup founder. I live in NYC but I help startups all over the world go from a great idea to having a polished app in the hands of their users.Step 1: I’ll help you map out your idea into a feasible version 1 that fits your budget and timeline.
Step 2: I’ll build a polished and professional app that your users will love.
Step 3: I’ll help you launch your app to a group of beta users or the App Store.
Step 4: We’ll iterate based on user and investor feedback so you hit your growth targets.I’ve built and launched several dozen complex native iPad and iPhone apps, and I’d love the opportunity to work on yours if things are a good fit. You can see more of my work here: mobilecto.io/intro

I wish I could work on all the great startups for equity only, but I can’t. Pricing options start at $20k, and it’s worth every penny!

For $20,000 you will build me a boring and unoriginal app which will go nowhere. You wouldn’t get a client if you offered your services for free.